Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Simple Stillness

That one word which sums up my time with my Heavenly Father.
I can sit and talk with Him, praise Him, bless Him, cry out to Him, and fellowship with Him.
He is my Father, Redeemer, and Friend. To sit and talk to Him is such bliss!

Yet, I have come across a new thought regarding prayer. Growing up I have loved praying, and it is a dear and cherished time to sit with my Heavenly Father. But sometimes, I simply do not know what to say.

Yes, it is that time when I am confused or discouraged or just simply undone that words escape me. Or when I am filled with boundless joy and thanksgiving that no words are sufficient!

Christ gave us a perfect example of how to pray in Matthew 96:9-13, but at times, the words won't come... My heart is distraught, and I am speechless.
Then I came upon this wonderful exert from "Stepping Heavenward", quoting the works of Fenelon, concerning prayer. It says...

"It is not necessary to say much to God. Often times one does not speak much to a friend whom one is delighted to see.; one looks at him with pleasure; one speaks certain short words to him that are mere expressions of feeling. It is not so much a variety of thoughts that one seeks in intercourse with a friend as a certain repose and correspondence of heart. It is thus we are with God, who does not disdain to be our tenderest, most cordial, most familiar, most intimate friend. A word, a sigh, a sentiment says all to God...

...In fine, it is necessary to content oneself with giving to Him what He gives it to give, a fervent heart when it is fervent, a heart firm and faithful in its aridity..."

Simply put, when you are at a loss of words, it may be then that you are best able to pour out your heart, to do as the Psalmist says... to

Be still, and know that I am God.
   I will be exalted among the nations,
   I will be exalted in the earth!”

{Psalm 46:10}

Simple stillness, mediating on His love and goodness. Sometimes that is the best thing to do in prayer.


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  1. How true Shannon. It has happened several times where I'll see a friend that I haven't seen in months and so much is spoken just with our eyes.
    "A word, a sigh, a sentiment says all to God..." I loved this quote, and the verse you chose following the quote was perfect:}. I had never thought of that verse in this context.


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