Monday, 19 March 2012

A College Crossroads

It is hard when we come to crossroads in life.  All of a sudden, we find ourselves faced with making big decisions that will determine the direction of our life...

A crossroads everyone comes to sooner or later is one 7 lettered word: college.
Sometimes it is a little overwhelming to think about life after high school graduation!

crossroads by Laenulfean
crossroads, a photo by Laenulfean on Flickr.
For me, it is mainly because I have so many is hard to know what to major in.
I want to  ...write a novel  So should I focus on English? starving orphans in Africa
Do I become a teacher?  ...act in plays  Turn my attention to drama?  ...make a difference in the abortion statistics.  Be an ultra sound tech at our pregnancy center then?

These questions go back and forth in my mind like a ping-pong ball.

With crossroads like college we find ourselves meditating on exactly which path to go down.
We ask ourselves which one could be the right one?  If I do choose one, would it be a step in the wrong direction?  We naturally want answers to these questions.

Basically, the first step to planning our future is seeking God's will for our life and any dreams we may have.  After all, He knows our hearts.  Chances are if they line up with the Word, then He planted them in our hearts to start with.  We need to be asking Him what path He wants us to take, whether it be going to a university, community college or taking online courses!

I encourage you to pray about which path God wants you to take...He cares about our future!  


  1. I'm right there with you! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. So true, Moriah! I think that when God told us that He would give us the desires of our hearts, it's because he put them there in the first place. In that sense, then, our own hearts can provide a lot of guidance for our future. Knowing how God "wired" you and seeing correlations between what the world needs and what you can offer are great clues to God's will for your life.


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