Saturday, 18 August 2012

He Won't Fail

I'm not going to lie. Life is hard, whether we want it be or not. There are moments when I am so frustrated, mad, sad, disappointed, I just want to break down. I have always been a girl to worry about everything. I am so not a laidback person, and I can always manage to think up a bad situation out of nothing.

That's why the subject of trust has been on my heart lately. And before I even wrote this post, things happened in my life that have gotten me even more down. I know what trust is, I could probably give you several verses about trust right now, but yet I have always had a hard time trusting God. Maybe it's the aspect of having to submit to someone you can't see, or maybe I just feel like I have to control everything.

The other morning I was reading in Psalms and I came across a verse. Have you ever just come across a verse that doesn't really apply to you, but it says something that just gets right to your heart? Well, that's what happened then. It was Psalms 89:28 "I will maintain my love to him forever, and my covenant with him will never fail."

There was something about the words "will never fail" that caught my attention. And then it hit me. God doesn't fail. Think about it, when has God ever failed? Ever. I mean, look at all that He has made, or read some stories about people who have come from a bad situation, and are now made new. He has never failed. Ever. And that gives me so much hope.

I used to wonder, "Why trust God?" or "How do we know that God will bring me through?" Because He has never, ever failed at His job. We fail, and if we try to fix our own problems we most likely will too, but God won't. It may not seem like He can do anything, but He can, He just wants you to trust Him.

One story that I always think of when I think of God never failing is the story of Noah and the Ark. We've all heard it before, it's a Sunday school story, but that has got to be one of my favorite stories. God told Noah to build an ark. And Noah trusted Him. Noah had enough faith to know that God wasn't going to fail Him. And He didn't. God brought him through, and showed Noah that not only does He keep His promises, He keeps His promise that when you trust Him with your life, He won't fail to make it something beautiful.

That verse gave me everything I needed to trust God with my problems. God didn't fail when He made the universe, He didn't fail when He made you. And He won't fail. Ever.

I am learning to trust God with my situations, worries, fears, and troubles, because I know that He will not fail to make my struggles end amazing. He won't fail. That is all I need to tell myself sometimes, when I am getting down. It gives me hope, it gives me peace, and it gives me assurance that God will hold you, and fix your problems in a beautiful way, if you just trust Him.

And now that I know that trusting God is the best choice I can ever make, I am just enjoying life. I am just giving my problems to God, and finding the simplicity and beauty in life. I am learning to dance in the rain.

That gave me a reason to keep faith, even when I am getting down. Because I know that my lifeguard walks on water, and my lifeguard never fails.

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  1. Great post, Molly! Thank you for encouraging and strengthening us :)

  2. This was a wonderful post Molly! I know what you mean how some days you may be able to quote several verses on trust, but some how it is a hard day to trust and then all of a sudden God gives you verse. He is an awesome God and He NEVER fails! Thank you for sharing your heart!

    In Christ,


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