Monday, 6 August 2012

Hi ho, off we go!

To step away from everything. The routine. The chores. The daily cycle of life.
To breathe in new air. To see new creation, and new life.
To stop and praise the Lord for who He is and how He is working in your life.

This past summer my family and I took a trip to our favorite area, the mountains of North Carolina. Coming from a southern land of swamps, forests, and sandy beaches, the height and depth of those rugged hills were a delight and refreshment to me.
We visited old towns, hiked, and simply slowed life down {just a bit!} and spent family time together.
So many memories were made, so many smiles and laughs, it is quite hard to share of my time without keeping you all day! But fear not... I will try to keep this post... well... not *too* lengthy! :)

Our trip mostly consisted of driving on the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway.... a road filled with overlooks and hiking trails. My family loves hiking... to hear only the quiet sounds of creation... it is so pleasant!

My and my sweet little brother... :)

Budding rhododendron... they were blooming during our trip, and there beauty added an extra joy to our time!

Linville Falls...
An amazing waterfall which we hiked to {that climb down was so worth it!}

The time was simple. sweet. and cherished.
A vacation that I shall look back upon and smile.
A trip that was filled with the mercies of God and one to be thankful for.

{For more photos and details of our trip, please visit my blog here}

May the Lord bless the rest of ya'lls summer... filling it with His love and joy!


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