Monday, 27 August 2012

Rainbow Sprinkles!

Adventure: an unusual and exciting activity or experience

What does the word adventure mean to you?  Does it mean climbing Mt. Everest? Maybe it means striving to get on the Olympic Swimming Team for you.  Or could it be exploring inactive Lava Tubes in Hawaii?  Perhaps these are way out of you comfort zone and your idea of adventure could be going trail riding on your horse or exploring in an old forest.  What about riding in a horse drawn sleigh at Christmas time or learning to fly a helicopter?  Could it be trying new recipes or learning a new game?  Maybe it's going on a mission trip to the next state over from you or going overseas? What do you consider an adventure to be?  Do you make every day life an adventure or do you wait for that once-in-a-life-time-adventure to come along and that is it?
by Never House
 As I thought about what adventure means to me some of the things listed above came to mind.  I enjoy canoeing or kayaking in new lakes and rivers, visiting waterfalls and the ocean. Someday I hope to visit Great Britain and see the castles, tea shops, country towns, busy seaside ports and so many other places that I've only ever read about.  I can honestly say that in the past few years my devotions have become a sort of adventure - digging into God's Word and seeking out treasures that He has for me each day.  Reading devotional books and finding special nuggets that inspire me to live a life set on fire for Christ.

However, as I ruminated on what I do for "adventures" to brighten up or spice up my day I was only drawing up blanks.  What do I do that brings some excitement into my day.  After thinking about it over night and still not coming up with anything, I realized it was time to talk to Mom.  She knows me better than anyone and sometimes helps me to see what I can not see even if it is right in front of my nose :}
by missmeng

So...we talked and she asked me what I enjoyed doing and try to do almost everyday....I realized that I try to spread "rainbow sprinkles" into at least one persons life everyday.  You're probably wondering what "rainbow sprinkles" are.  It is a term coined be Leslie Ludy when she saw her son ask for rainbow sprinkles on his ice cream.  She saw a parallel between the bright colored and beautiful sprinkles on her sons ice cream and the beautiful blessings that God sprinkles into our lives everyday. 

For those of us who have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Savior and been born again, earth is not our home, but rather a place that we are journeying through.  Living with Christ in heaven is our destination and earth is our training ground for things to come.  Life is an adventure!  Finding ways to "sprinkle blessings" or bring "rainbow sprinkles" into people's lives is exciting and adventurous.  It's almost like being on a quest for joy.  Looking for ways to bring joy into other people lives.

Some examples of "rainbow sprinkles" could be:

* Emailing a friend an e-card
* Sending a friend a handwritten note
* Writing my family little notes to let them know how much I love them
* Making my parent's or sister's beds
* Doing someone else's chores :)
* Buying a little gift for someone
* Sending someone flowers or picking some of our own if they're are in season
* Sending postcards
* Giving a hug when they are not expected
* Baking some treats for others to enjoy
* Putting something special in a lunchbox
* One year I wrote to each of my parents and my sister one note each day from February 1st through the 14th, telling them why I loved them.
* ....and there are so many other things to do.  It's an adventure to find what makes different people smile and laugh.

What do you do to bring adventure into your life? 


  1. What an awesome post, Devin! That is a fantastic goal for every day, and I love your sprinkle ideas :) Investing in others is definitely a wonderful way to put a special little something into every day.

    I'll answer your question in my own post!


  2. Wonderful post :) It was a great reminder to make every day life an adventure, instead of just waiting around for one to come, because you never know what you will miss! :D


  3. Hello ladies! I'm miss Rachel from over at the Meditations of His Love blog and I wanted to say how delighted I was to read this post and browse around your lovely God-honoring blog! :D I so enjoy meeting with other sister's in Christ who are passionately living for Him and using their talents for His glory. :D

    I loved this post! What a beautiful thought of "spreading rainbow sprinkles" to someone every day! What a way to encourage a joyful heart in serving the Lord and encouraging one another in the Lord. :) And since I love to bake I think every time I see sprinkles now it will remind me of this lesson. Thank you for sharing that beautiful thought!

    Blessings in Christ,
    ~Miss Rachel~

    1. We're so glad that you stopped by, Rachel! It's fantastic to have likeminded girls coming to be a part of the community :)


  4. I love your blog. Great blog title. I hope you stop by mine: Living Fully By Faith.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Emma! I will check out your blog :)

  5. Hi Girls,

    Thank you for commenting. It made me smile knowing that God was able to use this post to encourage you :}

    I actually think that comments can be "rainbow sprinkles" as well. After all, what blogger doesn't light up when an encouraging comment is left on thier post? :] THANK YOU for leaving some "sprinkles." =)

    Your Sister In Christ,


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