Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Goodbye, Shannon!

Here is a letter from bloggirl Shannon: 

Hello sweet friends!

I want to inform you all of something rather sad.... As this school year has started up, my schedule has been immensly filled with school, family life, and other devotions. I have loved blogging with ya'll and growing in Christ together as sisters in Christ and friends {and I pray that we may be able to continue to do so} but after praying about it, as well as discussing it with my parents, I need to step down from blogging.

I love writing with you all, but I have so many things going on that I feel like I am quickly rushing to get it done, and in that process it is taking away time with school and family.... Maybe when the Lord slows things down abit I may be able to join ya'll again, but as of right now, things are going to just pick up! I cherish each one of you and pray that we may still be able to encourage each other through different ways.... :)

May the Lord bless ya'll and use you to bring Him glory.


Even though Shannon won't be posting regularly on the blog, she can still be found on her personal blog: A Bright Light In a Dark World

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