Monday, 24 September 2012

The Joy of Music

There are so many different types of musicians. Some see music as a language to be interpreted to their audience, they are the translator you see. For others it's merely a cluster of sounds.
music of my heart by kedondeng
music of my heart, a photo by kedondeng on Flickr.

For me, music is a very spiritual thing. You put your heart and soul into trying to tell your listeners what the music means -says- to you. The slightest change  can turn a sound of joy, into a pit of despair.

Music is one thing people of any nationality can relate to. It needs not words to tell someone if your sad or happy, thoughtful or moody.

Music is such a blessing in that God can use it to soften even the hardest of hearts. Music has a way of softening the rough edges, and filling the holes left from past woes.

It has a way of finding you where you are and relating to you. It can express so many different feelings!
Music is one of God's greatst gifts to mankind. Why must we use it to destroy?!  Why must we take everything God has made, and try and make it evil?

Because the devil is lurking, just waiting for the one moment of weakness when he can grasp your fears, uncertainties, and doubt, and jerk your feet out from under you. He wishes to destroy all that's good and right.

So,  let us fight him with what God has given us! Let us use the music God has placed in our hearts to bring Joy,  Peace and Comfort! To let a lost and dying world know there is a better way!

Use the skills God gave you to let everyone you may meet know there is a God who loves and cares for them!

Beware! The devil will try and discourage you, to make you proud and haughty, to seek mans approval rather than Gods approval. Take courage! And fight the fight! God will triumph in the end. And if you feel attacks by Satan, be glad, for if you were not being used in some way by God, he would let you alone! He would not need to cause you to fail!

God is with you and forever will be!

Sing, Compose and Play. Translate His love in the one language all can understand. The language of music.

- This guest post was written by Christina Crain. You can learn more about her and her family at

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  1. Beautifully said! Music is very powerful and very wonderful when used for God!


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