Friday, 12 October 2012


Decisions, decisions, they seem to be persistent.
I go here, I go there, and still I face decisions.
Red or Green? Pink or Blue? Large or Small? False or True?
Yes or No? High or Low? Hot or Cold? Shy or Bold?
Forever? For Eternity? Or just a small, small while?
For Him? For Her? For two, or one? To Hold? To Drop?
To Walk or Trot?  I must make a decision.

Oh!  I know what I will choose!  Not red or green, not pink or blue,
 I will choose to call on God to make the right decision.
Now I know just what to do, I'll ask God first and then I'll choose.

Although my decision may seem to be not wrong or right, just a choice in my life.
My life is made of the big and yes, small, even seemingly insignificant decisions.

For if I learn how to wisely choose, yes even red or green,, or pink or blue,
I will learn to choose how to live and what to do.

Should I marry?  Should I not?  Should I buy a car or not?
Big decisions I now can make, for I've learned to look God and wait.

I can trust Him.  This I know.  For you see, I've tried His way and He has a perfect way.

Decisions, decisions, I can now make.  Who knew?!

I can make decisions.

- This guest post was written by Christina Crain. You can learn more about her and her family at

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