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November 2012 Featured Girl: Micaela Wood

The Bloggirls have been talking, and we've come up with something to get excited about: featured girls! We love the little community of Christian homeschooled girls that has grown up around this blog, and to help you gals get to know each other a bit better we plan to feature a girl from the Altogether Separate community once a month. 

So without further ado, let's welcome November's pick: Micaela Wood!

Altogether Separate: Tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you? Where do you live? How big is your family?

Micaela: I am 18 and I live in Downeast Maine. I'm a PK (pastor's kid), the oldest of four children, and a homeschool high school graduate. When I was 16, the Lord led me to start a ministry called Hearts for Purity, which is especially for teen girls and encourages them to live for the Lord, surrendering every area of their life to Him and His purpose. 

Who is your closest friend? Why?

My closest friend is Jesus Christ. Growing up, I had a lot of kids say that they were my friend—my best friend, even—and then they would either be extremely mean to me, or nice part of the time, indifferent toward me the rest of the time. Being homeschooled and in a church that had no other kids my age, I got very lonely. It wasn't until May of 2011 that God got my attention and reminded me that He wanted to be my best friend, that He would never leave me or forsake me, that He loved me, and wanted to be a part of every area of my life. That day I let go of my longings for friends and determined to make Jesus my Best Friend. A few months later, the Lord blessed me with several dear, godly friends. I thank God daily for their friendship, but Jesus is truly the best Friend I have. 

How has God been working in your life lately?

God has been working in my life the past few months, getting me to let go of things that I cling to so much. I'm not willing to let go and be patient for His timing; I want it right now. God has been showing me that I must let go of everything and place it all in His hands. I've done it before, but I have a tendency to take it right back. Yet in His hands it must stay. I recently heard a message about laying down the things in our lives that have become idols, just as Abraham laid Isaac down on the altar. I knew this was what God wanted me to do, so I did it—tearfully and willingly. The next day, I got an email from a friend, in which she shared a poem about waiting and patience. God used that poem to remind me that, now I have laid down my "Isaac," I must wait and be patient for His timing.

What has your biggest struggle with homeschooling been, and how are you overcoming it?

My biggest struggle with homeschooling has always been the lack of friends. I grew up in a church in which I was the only kid my age; everyone else was either at least 5 years younger or already an adult. I was extremely lonely, and at one point I wanted to go to a regular school, so that I could have friends. I did not yet realize just how much of a friendship I had with my Savior (see above).

What are your passions? 

I love writing and reading. Photography is more of a passionate hobby than just a passion (i.e. I wouldn't want to do it professionally). I love to work with little kids, and I enjoy ministering to others. And I would count my ministry, Hearts for Purity, to be a passion of mine.

Hopes and dreams for the future?

I would dearly love to be a pastor's wife and homeschool mom of at least 5 children, though however many kids the Lord would give me would be fine. For several months I have also felt the desire to start a Bible camp for kids/teens someday. If any of these desires ever come to be, then I will rejoice. But if they don't, it's because God has given me something even grander and more amazing than what I might have thought up. :-)

What advice would you give to Christian homeschool girls like us? 

The best advice I can give comes from a book I am currently writing: “Don't hold back from God. He has a plan for your life. Everything and everyone in your life is part of His perfect plan. Don't struggle and resist it. Don't fight Him, or say He can only have certain areas of your life. He wants all or none. Give Him all of you.” {As a homeschool girl, you have so many opportunities to serve others, that most other kids don't have. Let God use you. Give Him your all.}

Finally, what is your ideal pizza?

My ideal pizza has a not too thick but not too thin crust, and is topped with pepperoni, cheese, ham, onion, and green peppers. YUM =D

Thank you so much, Micaela! We really appreciate the chance to get to know you a little better. 

Micaela blogs at, and has a website(blog) for her ministry at

Can you identify with Micaela's hopes and struggles? What's your ideal pizza? Answer some of these questions for yourself in the comment section below.

P.S. If you want to introduce yourself to the community, just leave your name and email!


  1. I'd love to get to know y'all a little better! The only problem being that I'm pretty sure I can't give y'all my email or my real name, if I should be chosen. *insert gasps here*

  2. Hi! I'm a friend of Micaela's, and I can safely say that I ralate to alot of the stuff she's written here! ~except for the pizza :)

    Cosette Holmes

  3. I'm a thin crust with lots of veggies kind of girl ;)


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