Monday, 3 December 2012

Femininity - Duchess, Cowgirl, or something else?


This is a word that I find conjures up many images in a girl's head when she hears it.  For some girls, they picture something from the "romantic" 1800's, or perhaps even early 1900's, or maybe you go even further back to medieval times.  Usually the image is of a young woman who is dressed in a beautiful dress doing something that we feel is a "feminine" activity.  For example, some would picture a woman sitting on a quilt at the beach with her parasol to shade her from the sun and book to engage her mind.  Perhaps you imagine a young lady on swing, her long hair softly moving in the breeze as she reads to a younger sibling.  Maybe it is a woman decorating a Christmas tree with a warm fire glow illuminating the room. Most of the time it a picture of someone who is "put together" in our expectations of femininity, doing something we think is feminine.


Which picture of Princess Kate is more feminine to you?  Each of us has our own view of femininity.

Whatever it is, it is usually NOT a woman cleaning out a barn with muck boots on, or scrubbing the kitchen floor with her arms covered in suds, or shoveling out a path way to the barn after a snow storm etc. :)  I know for me, I tend to romanticize my picture of femininity.  There is nothing wrong with the images I portrayed first, as long as we realize that that is not the only side of godly femininity.

Melinda, over at Radiant Purity and True Beauty did a short and sweet post on Femininity and I want to share a quote from her:

"Femininity is something that we develop inside. It's the quiet beauty of a meek and gentle spirit mingled with the robust strength of a Proverbs 31 woman. It's not talking softly, dressing like a southern belle, wearing pink, putting on lots of makeup and spending hours fixing ones hair. It's being a dignified woman of character and strength while instilling meekness, compassion, quietness, humility and sweetness of spirit in our hearts."

Colossians 3:12 says, ""Put on the garments that suit God's chosen people, His own, His beloved--compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience."

We can dress in beautiful "feminine" outfits, doing "feminine" things, but if our hearts and character are not focused on becoming more Christ like, then we are not exhibiting true femininity.

Femininity is about serving God and surrendering to the Holy Spirit's control in our lives.

To God, a feminine lady is one who puts on the armor of God.  One who displays the fruit of the Spirit in her life, because her heart is surrendered to Him.  She is loving, generous, humble, kind, gentle, willing to serve, careful with her words, shares the gospel.....a reflection of Jesus. 

Dressing to go to a Christmas concert, curling our hair, adding that hint of eye liner, taking great care to look "feminine" is not wrong, but how we act and think when unpleasant circumstances occur will show how feminine we really are.  Because femininity, I feel,  is in many ways another word for godliness/ Christ-likeness.

P.S. Jasmine Bauchmann wrote a beautiful post about femininity here, that I think you all would enjoy :)


  1. Fantastic post, Devin! I love your words of wisdom. This is so true--you can be just as feminine cleaning toilets as playing the piano :)

  2. Love this quote: "Femininity is about serving God and surrendering to the Holy Spirit's control in our lives."

    Yes, so true! Wonderful words of wisdom, Devin!

  3. Thanks girls :} You two have been examples of femininity in my life, just through your own personal blogs. :)


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