Thursday, 18 April 2013

Your Voice: Do More than Complain

Be Heard by rachel_titiriga"Be the change you wish to see in the world." This wise phrase has become cliché, but try looking at it anew for a moment.

What change do you wish to see?

I live in a tiny town in Arkansas, and when I say tiny I mean population-of-six-hundred-tiny. We don't have much going for us. Driving down the roads you hit more potholes than pavement, litter lines the ditches, our city park is in sad disrepair, our tennis courts have been locked up for about a year, our beautiful lake is filled with gravel, the city government is petty and ineffective, and we can't keep more than four or five businesses alive at a time. It's pretty pathetic, and I join my friends and family quite often in complaint-fests where we moan and make sarcastic remarks about our town.

But then I see people who are really doing something, the few dedicated ones who get out there with their trash bags to attack the litter, who run for political office, who raise money to make town celebrations something special. Maybe the case looks hopeless, but I can see that somebody is doing something about it. Then I want to stop my mouth and get to work. 

Do you see the same thing happening in your country?

If you don't agree with the current government and wish for a change in your nation, what have you done about it? Complained? Debated? Sat back and prophesied doom? I have. It's easy for me to get into heated political and economic debates and conveniently forget that I have done nothing to help matters. 

When we say, "The people of America need to wake up," who do we expect to wake them? 
When we say, "We need revival," what are we doing to help initiate that?

Of course we need to listen for God's will and follow Him in his timing, but it's easy to say that we're just too little, and give up before we've even tired. If you're in the United States then you have a say in your government!

The next time you feel the urge to complain, think about what you can do about it. Many of us are in seasons of life when we feel useless, but if you're a young, single, Christian homeschool girl there is so much you can do for this world!
  • Vote, and Then Some: If you're over 18, voting is the most obvious way to make your voice known in government, but it's really just the beginning. It's important to vote, but go a few steps further too.
  • Start Small: Don't start planning your presidential campaign just yet. Your city council matters too.
  • Donate to Candidates: If you've got some extra money after all your expenses, consider donating to the election fund of a candidate who stands for what you believe. Let him or her be your representative in Washington.
  • Rally and Petition: Attending a rally or signing a petition might not look like much--you're just one of thousands--but getting involved is a great way to introduce your friends and family to important issues. Share your beliefs on Facebook and let the truth be known.
  • Volunteer: Whether it’s making copies at City Hall, cleaning up the local park, or setting out election yard signs, you can use your passion and energy to make a difference. Who knows, maybe someone will see your hard work and get inspired too.
Be Heard, a photo by rachel_titiriga on Flickr.

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