Friday, 31 October 2014

Freedom's Choice

You are only as free as you want to be. As I write this I am faced with a decision. One choice is easy and does not require stepping out of my comfort zone. Only it results in continued bondage. The second choice is hard and requires stepping out of my comfort zone (in more ways than one) but will result in truer freedom in Christ. It will raise painful questions and things I would rather see remain hidden. 

But I am only as free as I want to be. The latter choice will require leaning on God to see me through. But the former I can do in my own strength. I won't need anyone else. The question hangs, the choice is mine. Will I make the easy choice and continue living in bondage, or will I make the hard choice and lean on Christ to see me through? I will lean on Christ and I will be free. The road ahead may be painful and filled with tears at first but Christ will see me through to freedom. I will live free. 

What about you? We all have a choice to live in freedom, or to live in bondage. What are you going to choose today? Will you live free today, or will you live in bondage to sin and shame? The question hangs, the choice is yours. What are you going to do today?  

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