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The welcome mat on Bill's pier by Vincent Maher
The welcome mat on Bill's pier, a photo by Vincent Maher on Flickr.
We bloggirls love posting our thoughts and ideas here on the Altogether Separate blog, but we want to make this a community, which means that we want you to write for this blog! Our home is your home, and as fellow Christian homeschool girls we want to hear about what is going on in your life, what the Lord is doing with you, what you're cooking, creating, loving, and learning. If you have your own blog, or have ever considered blogging, we'd love to hear what you have to say.

If you're interested, please leave a comment below with your email address and one of us will get back with you as soon as possible. I can't wait to read what your creative minds come up with!


  1. Hey there!

    My email address is

    I do the blog with my best friends. Check it out!

    We would love to help out in anyway we can! I found this blog through my good friend Mary Kate. And if this is you, Mary Kate, hi!

    Anna Elizabeth

  2. Hi!
    My name is Cosette Holmes, and my email address is
    I write on my blog, Be Radiant, especially to challenge girls to follow the command given in 1 Timothy 4:12.
    blog address:

    I found this blog through my friend, Micaela (featured girl of the month)

    I am very encouraged by this blog and would love to encourage others as well!

    ~CosetteRose Holmes

  3. I don't want to write, I simply have a question, could you email me at Thanks!

  4. Hi! First, what a beautiful blog! Thank you for this encouraging place!

    Second, my email addy is rachelle (at) rachellerea (dot) com. I'd love to write a guest post about how we can use our words to build others up!

    Thanks for your consideration,
    Rachelle :)

  5. Hello! I am Faith and my email is
    I am very big on blogging and would love to contribute! I'm just finding this site and I'm loving what you're doing! God bless you guys!

  6. Hi my name is Alexandra! My email address is
    Im just finding this blog and I would love an opportunity to guest post on your blog! This blog is so encouraging for me, it is truly a blessing! I just started a blog at So if you want to read more about me thats the place to go :)

  7. Hi girls!
    I've been so encouraged by this blog!You girls and what you are writingis such a blessing to me. Actually, a couple of your posts have challenged me to work on certain areas of my life. God has definitely used this blog to help me grow! I'd love the opportunity to write a guest post for you guys. My email is

    God bless!

    Micaela :)

  8. I would love to write a guest post. My email is thedestinyofone(at)juno(dot)com

  9. Hey There! My name is Abigail (I go by Abbey). I keep a family blog, but not a blog just for girls even though I've always wanted to. I'd love the opportunity to share my heart and what the Lord's been doing in my life with the young ladies on this blog. :)

    1. P.S. I found this blog through Pinterest, of all places! Gotta love Pinterest! :)

  10. Hi! I am Abby, a Homeschooled Christian girl. :) My email is

  11. Whoops, forgot my email.

    1. I've never blogged before (wait, no, there was one exception that turned out an epic fail that I deleted) but would maybe enjoy being a guest blogger.

      I am a Child of God, and that is who I am. Everything else is a reflection of His heart, but not tied to my identity and who I am. Including my love of photography, animals (specifically dogs and horses), art, music, evangelism, theology, good old books, nature and dance.


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